This project and my piano teaching overcame me and shifted my life when I was going through raising my kids as a divorced single mom. I felt so broken and discouraged with everything. It’s like I had forgotten about music and that I used to play piano. I was struggling to make ends meet. This was just after the recession. I got my masters degree in Public Policy in 2008. It was impossible for me to manage getting my kids to their care providers, not to mention pay for them on the salary I had. Then I was fired, unfairly, from a nonprofit development job. I pieced together consulting work with other nonprofits, and did some business development work with a small business in Oakland. Then one night I had a dream. I dreamt of being in my apartment which had 2 bedrooms. And I discovered another room that I had overlooked. I didn’t even know it was there. And there it was empty and waiting for me to use it. And I needed the space! This dream somehow made me remember piano and helped me make the connection to the fact that I had this unused resource. It shifted my thinking about what was possible with the resources I had and opened up a really great way for me to provide for my family, and heal at the same time. Having music and students in my life has been transformational to me. I have so many things to share about what I have learned along the way.