Superpower of the Song™, based in Oakland, California,  is a worldwide music education project and collaborative network inciting creativity,  inspiration and social imagination to shape a culture of empathy, courage, and heart. We empower adults and children by providing high quality music instruction on all kinds of instruments, offering numerous learning and performing opportunities with goals that surpass developing a cadre of skilled musicians. Our ultimate aim  is to ensure that students who attend our programs come to connect with the heart through music , to strengthen their voice in the world and create positive impacts through the creative projects and collaborations they pursue. We care about transformation, personal and collective. Our world needs it now more than ever.

Superpower of the Song Founder and devoted servant, Kadie Kelly

Superpower of the Song came to me as an idea to help people connect with the power of music and not just the technical aspect of it. I studied classical piano since I was 8 years old and it left me cold in some important ways for a good many years, until I learned how to truly connect with myself through playing music, which greatly improved my whole life, not just my playing. I found that as I could express my true heart, I became stronger in the world and that it helped those around me too.

Over the years it has been my students, with their beginner’s minds, who have helped me embrace the power of music more and more, and I want to continue the cycle by reaching more students and teachers on this healing journey. I say healing because the way I was taught to play music was incomplete. There was no language in it that left any room for me, as a human being playing it. It did not value the student, only the music, which left a gaping disconnect.

I have 17 years of piano teaching experience. During several of those years I was also doing other things, like getting my masters degree in public policy from Mills College, working in the non profit sector, raising kids as a single mom, performing and composing and gradually came to my a-ha moment of how much purpose I derived from music and teaching that I decided to become even more devoted in my intention to share it, along with what I discovered as healing about it, with many, many others. Superpower of the Song is an expression of that.

I hope you are here to let music into your heart and expand your life. I promise it will if you let it.

FALL - After School Piano Preparation Class

Piedmont, East Wing


Small Group Piano Preparation Classes - Piedmont

Thursdays, August 29th - October 3rd, 2019, & October 10th - November 14th

4:00-4:45 pm

Have fun while exploring musical concepts such as pitch and rhythm, developing musical sensitivity, knowledge of keyboard geography, patterns on the keys, singing, playing songs on the keys, performance protocols and more! Performance for parents during the final class of the session.

Address: East Wing of 801 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94611

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Cost $225 per session, $445 for both

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Meet the Instructor

Lucia Pontoniere


In her words:

I play violin, guitar, sing, and write songs. I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in violin performance. I began playing violin at the age of six and have always seen violin as my first musical love, but I also enjoy songwriting and singing as a creative outlet.

I grew up in the Bay Area, and after spending five years on the East Coast I am excited to call it home again. I tour the country with my band called The Ladles, an indie-folk singer-songwriter group. In addition, I enjoy freelancing with different bands, teaching music, and doing studio work. I’ve played on many band’s albums, and for a couple TV shows as well! Music is my greatest passion in life and I’m so excited to share that passion with as many people as possible. I have seen first hand how music can change lives, as well as be a fun and creative way to learn and grow.”

Ben Green

Piano Preparation Instructor at Joaquin Miller Elementary School’s After School Kids’ Club Program

Ben Green.JPG

In his words:

I am excited to teach music, and share it with the kids. To me teaching music is about setting an example of discipline, determination, and most importantly self-mastery. Growth is a difficult process in both music and in life. By coaching through music, I hope to teach the kids to challenge themselves, try new things, and always look for improvement within themselves.


FUNdamentals of Percussion

What does happiness sound like? Rain? Cooperation? Have fun while finding out at Superpower of the Song's NEW FUNdamentals of Percussion Class. We will focus on body percussion, bongo drums, tambourines, maracas and more. We will also incorporate mindfulness practices at the beginning and end of each class. Your student will have fun exploring rhythm, teamwork, and other musical games during this session which will culminate in a performance the last day of class.

Shake, Rattle and Roll - This class provides the opportunity for students to engage in musical play and social interaction as we sing songs, play percussion, and have fun with movement! Activities will allow students to develop fundamental rhythmic skills, improve coordination and spatial awareness, as well as to develop turn-taking and social skills. The classes will consist of organized activities and free-play time to explore instruments. Our instructor will also incorporate his or her own fiddle, guitar or keys playing as they sing for and lead the class in activities.

Meet the Instructor:

Sarah Morgan


In her words:

“I’m a drummer and guitarist with an undergraduate degree in Popular Music and a master’s degree in Music Therapy. I grew up in the UK and last year relocated to the East Bay where I've had the fortune of meeting countless amazing musicians and good people.

As a drummer I have extensive experience of performing and recording in bands of various genres (blues, pop, country, folk, heavy rock, disco, funk, acoustic singer-songwriter). I have toured the UK and Europe, gigged in California and New York, and am featured on several bands’ albums. Music is a huge passion of mine and I believe that learning a musical instrument offers students a chance to grow emotionally, mentally, cognitively, physically, and socially - as well as to have fun!”

Intro to the Violin:

Students will earn about the violin and acquire basic techniques for getting a good sound: how to bow, puck and play on open strings, and then play simple tunes such as Three Blind Mice, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. K-5th grades welcome. Taught by Lucia Pontoniere, picture above.

Sing with Us!

This class will enable your child to experience the benefits of singing! Foundational music skills will be acquired of course, but more than that, the body, mind, spirit connection, community building and performance aspect will make it super memorable and inspire confidence. Taught by Briget Boyle.

Meet the Instructor:

Briget Boyle

Briget Headshot.jpg

Briget's teaching philosophy is centered on the power that is found through discovering your own voice and having fun while doing it. She will discuss and demonstrate how to develop a personal, confident, and healthy vocal technique. Her vocal background is in Eastern European folk music, American folk and country music, and musical theatre. Her diverse experience can help singers of all genres improve through reconnecting to breath, expanding range, working on repertoire, and unleashing vocal potential.


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